Warrior Venture purchases oil and gas mineral rights and royalties.

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Who We Are

Warrior Venture Company LLC is a company engaged in purchasing mineral and royalty rights in the Appalachian Basin.

We are interested in acquiring mineral-royalty interests regardless if it is leased, un-leased, producing, or
non-producing. You can receive TOP DOLLAR FOR YOUR MINERAL RIGHTS. Warrior Venture is willing to buy all or part of your mineral and royalty rights. For example, you may only want to sell one-half of your mineral-royalty interests.

Why Sell

Long-term capital gains tax rates are at historically low levels. For an investor who disposes of an asset held for more than one year, the current law reduces the long-term net capital gains tax rate to 15% for persons in the highest tax bracket and to 5% or less for those in lower brackets. These favorable tax rates may not last much longer.

The decision to sell may depend on your current needs.
For many owners, it makes sense to sell mineral rights now and use the proceeds for a more immediate need. Sellers could pay off debts or mortgages, invest, or supplement their retirement. For many owners, it is desirable to receive money now and not risk the possibility of never seeing their land produce oil or gas.

Most property in the Appalachian Basin will never produce oil or gas. By buying mineral rights over a very large area our hope is that the few properties that turn out to profitable will offset the majority of the properties that will never produce oil or gas. Why risk never benefiting from your mineral rights when you can make a ton of cash now and assure yourself of income?

We Want to Make You an Offer

If you are interested in selling all or part of your mineral interests please complete the information form on the right side of this page or open the file at the bottom of this page, print, and mail to Warrior Venture. There is no obligation to sell and transactions are made fast and secure.

You will be contacted by Warrior Venture with an offer after we have had a chance to review the information provided. Thank you for your time and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

Contact Warrior Venture

You can contact Warrior Venture by filling out the form on the right. You can also email us with any questions you might have: warriorventure@gmail.com

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Top Dollar for Your Mineral Rights.

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